Collection AW 2022

Our wanderlust brought us toward the sea, in a land of adventurous voyagers between land and ocean. Portugal welcomes us with its age-old traditions coming from distant lands, that make this small border country a beautiful mix of stories.

The AW22 collection is brought to life by the magic of Porto, from the pleasure of going through ancient neighborhood allies crossed by trams, between tiny shops with soap scents and small cafes that let you image tales of past lives.

The uphills that ripple through Porto’s neighborhoods fill our eyes with wonder. Ribeira’s atmosphere, the old town made of small colorful houses leaned against each other, enchants our senses. We called the three moods of our collection AzulejosSardinhas and Sabão

Three words that have a beautiful sound that tell with simplicity what of this land inspired us most. In its soul, we find the tiles designs, art nouveau floral patterns, small houses so close to each other to mimic a mosaic that now become multicolored prints in pleated skirts.

And naturally colors full of poetry that stole our senses, as always mixed in a fun way in our soft puffers, in our vibrant checks and in the accessories, in a free and refined way that belongs to Niu.